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May 19 2014
They sent samples to microbiologists from UCLA and Harvard who identified the strains of bacteria responsible for the fermentation. They also advised them on how glutamic acid works in the body. “We asked them, ‘So you’re positive that if I ingest MSG and I eat the same amount naturally, the body digests it in the same way?’ Chang recalls. “And they said, ‘100 fucking percent.’
Apr 17 2014
Mar 07 2014
The Bitcoin masses, judging by their behavior on forums, have no actual interest in science, technology or even objective reality when it interferes with their market position. They believe that holding a Bitcoin somehow makes them an active participant in a bold new future, even as they passively get fleeced in the bolder current present.
Jan 24 2014
Jan 09 2014
Jan 08 2014
Dec 13 2013

(via The 45 Most Powerful Photos Of 2013)

Afghan boys play with toy guns on the first day of Eid al-Adha in October.


(via Best photos of the year 2013 | Analysis & Opinion | Reuters)

“When I took the picture I did not know that I would see in it how the war is accelerating the growth of a child by obliging him to work in this weapons factory along with his father. I went to take pictures of the weapons factory where I found Issa working with his father for the whole day. At night, Issa would go home, feed his bird, take a shower and have dinner with his family, during regular power cuts. He then would go to bed only to wake up early in the morning to go back again to carry weapons and do his tasks at the factory.” 

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, lens 70-300mm at 75mm, f4.5, 1/50, ISO 1600 

Caption: Issa, 10 years old, carries a mortar shell in a weapons factory of the Free Syrian Army in Aleppo, September 7, 2013. Issa works with his father in the factory for ten hours every day except on Fridays. 

Sep 02 2013
If you spend the less than 2 percent of what the rich countries spend, but you spend it on vaccinations and antibiotics, you get over half of all that healthcare does to extend life. So you spend 2 percent and you get 50 percent. If you spend another 80 percent you’re at over 90 percent.
Jul 27 2013
Jun 16 2013

Streets of the Lower 48 | Ben Fry


US Rivers in the Contiguous 48 | Nelson Minar

Jun 09 2013
May 10 2013
Compared with Illinois, which has the nation’s second-largest number of high-risk sites, more than 950, but tighter fire and safety rules, Texas had more than three times the number of accidents, four times the number of injuries and deaths, and 300 times the property damage costs.
May 08 2013
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